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Herman Agency
I'm represented by The Herman Agency for Children's Books.
For other inquiries, I can be reached at or at 216.291.5957

Dino-Basketball written by Lisa Wheeler, published by Carolrhoda Books
“The team that brought us Dino-Baseball, -Soccer and -Hockey (2010, 2009, 2007) this time delivers nothing but net. Once again divided by food preference, the Grassclippers take on the Meat, pitting some of the better-known dinosaurs against each other in a high-stakes game for the championship trophy... Gott's vividly colored illustrations are filled with energy—almost like sitting courtside. And just as in real life, observers may lose track of who's who in the melee, especially if they are not up on their species. Gott does a very good job of matching his artwork to the text, making it relatively easy for those unfamiliar with basketball to guess what "free throw," "dunk" and "taking it to the hole" might mean.” ©Kirkus
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