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Herman Agency
I'm represented by The Herman Agency for Children's Books.
For other inquiries, I can be reached at or at 216.291.5957


teachers go wild

Bringing an author or illustrator to your school is often one of the highlights of the school year- Fun for kids, teachers, and itinerant illustrators!

A school visit usually includes three or four 50-minute programs.

I use digital projectors in darkened rooms when they're made available to me, otherwise I can break out the overhead transparencies and big pads of paper for smaller groups. Providing a digital projector also offers the chance for me to create a piece of digital art during the visit!.

Programs include an entertaining slide show about my life and work, an interactive demo of the stages of creating a book from manuscript to finished art, word games and creative drawing, and reading one of my books. Time permitting, we can do a Q & A or book signing.
Within 2 hours of Cleveland, fees are $800 plus mileage. For locations further away, fees are $1200 plus travel and hotel expenses. (Hotel expenses may be waived within an hour of Cincinnati.)

To schedule a visit, contact me at

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